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Earn Money Through YouTube Live Video

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Facebook is quite like live video feature. The day with the help of your mobile people are going to be live on Facebook and are accessible worldwide via this feature. Like Facebook, YouTube has also brought these features for mobile users.

YouTube has launched a new feature for mobile users. Anytime you can run the live video. These videos also to earnings from the company’s Super Chat is the name of the new feature added. It will be able to benefit from subscribing to your live videos.


YouTube has launched the new feature on Thursday. However, to take advantage of this feature went to some terms and conditions are fixed. If you meet these Terms and Conditions, you will be able to earn through live videos.

How Super Chat Work?

20 countries, including India, for Creators, will have the chance to earn Super Chat feature. This option only adds like videos via the regular income will not have a chance. But also chat Viewer Privilege will be earning your purchase.

Super Chat benefit

YouTube from the moment this feature is launched for mobile users. Live streaming will have to use its mobile app.

Like the regular videos for YouTube Live Video will be available in all feature. That also means you can later download and view multiple times.


Hot to Use Live Video Feature

YouTube’s live video feature is easy to use. The YouTube video in your mobile app should be. Whenever you want to live video, YouTube video, you will have to open the app and press the record button to record directly and you will live.

These people will get advantage from this feature

This feature is currently limited by YouTube has launched for people. To achieve this feature, your channel must be less than 10 thousand subscribers. However, in the coming days, the company will launch this feature to all video creators.

If you are less than 10 thousand subscribers, after waiting so you can take advantage of this feature.


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