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Effects of Social Media in the Workplace

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Social Media, although greatly loved by the masses has been a serious cause of concern for most educational institutions and companies. There is a certain animosity felt in the air against social media due to its uncanny ability to divert the minds of students and employees alike. Nevertheless, social media cannot be completely shunted out of our everyday lives. We have reached a point where the use of social media cannot be restricted but only controlled to some extent. The following points describe both the negative as well as positive effects of social media on employees and the workplace. ( Read: THE HOTTEST SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS )

  1. Distraction:


The most obvious effect of allowing employees to browse through online profiles and play social games on the Internet is reduced focus towards work. Although it will be very hard to prevent employees from doing whatever they like on their own phones or laptops, workplaces must compulsorily implement a social media policy in order to minimize the time spent on it and the risk of confidential company information from being leaked on the Internet.

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  1. Why Banning isn’t the Answer:


A complete ban on usage of social media is not a very welcome move because Employees tend to be resentful and lose dedication towards work. People like to work in an environment that is free and trusting of them. Employee satisfaction is key to productivity and when they are given the freedom to go online at least during breaks, they can return back to work with a clear mind.

  1. Knowledge Protection:

The frequent use of Social Media by employees within an Organization poses a serious threat to the protection of vulnerable and confidential company information. Younger employees are quite brash when it comes to using social media since they have practically grown up with it, but older employees usually understand the speed at which information can get transmitted over the Internet so they generally refrain from spending too much time on it. There is a need for educating and cautioning employees beforehand against protecting sensitive information against hackers or other malware.

  1. The Undeniable use of Social Media to Companies:


Social Media promotes collaborations between companies, customers, and clients. Professional Networking sites like LinkedIn are allowing companies to find more potential customers and for employees to research about companies before preparing for interviews. So, Social Media has its own powerful merits when it comes to business that can’t be overlooked.

  1. Work isn’t the same without social media tools:


Social Media is so deeply ingrained in our lives that we cannot imagine actually going about work without Email and Instant Messaging platforms in order to communicate with clients and colleagues. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are now equally important to work as offline tools are. Managers are taking to WhatsApp to pass important updates to team members. So, in a way, the uses of Social Media might outweigh its disadvantages as long as reasonable boundaries are set in place by the Management and Employees.

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