Emission Control System- Catalytic Converters

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The extensive use and utilization of automobiles in everyday life has helped in serving the society in hundred ways. Services like transportation, connectivity and the likes, this invention and development in this sector have always served as a great boon for the societies upliftment. This has now become more of a necessity now than a luxury in every part of the world and the developing countries like India who are in the renaissance periods demands more automobiles in the country in order to improve the development sector and bring about a change.

Automobiles is a vast subject and include not only cars but trucks, tractors and transporting vehicles that are a necessity in the newer society for improved results. Owing to these factors, the country has witnessed a huge hike in the usage of automobiles over the years.But, this excessive usage has also produced results that have turn hefty for the society. The increased rates of harmful emissions of gasses and pollutants as a result of extensive use of automobiles has proved to be a matter of great dismay for the inhabitants. To eradicate this penetration of pollution in the environment engineers are coming up with newer ways that can alter this effect and bring about a change without altering the positive results of using automobiles.

Catalytic Converters is stepped forward towards the improvement of the emissions of cars keeping the environment in mind. This is the advancement in technology that has the ability to discount the emissions of the harmful gasses that are emitted out as a result of burning petrol and diesel.Catalytic Converter is a large metal box, placed on the underside of car comprising of two pipes, One serves as the input whereas the other works as the output.This metal box breaks down the pollutants and transforms the pollutants into harmless gasses that are safe for the health of the environment.

Catalytic Converter has got its name based on the principle it works upon, a number of chemical reactions occur over a catalyst followed by conversion. Unleaded petrol is the best complimenting product for catalytic converters. The only drawback this machine has is it fails to work during engine warm-up stages and low temperature prohibits it from work efficiently. Preheating the catalytic converter and the use of high voltage batteries are the possible solutions pertaining to this problem.

Catalytic Converters are a part of the huge Emission Control System and there are also other systems like Evap, EGR system and PCV valves that fall under the vast subject of Emission Control System. This is mainly subjected to improve the emissions in such a way that it will harm the environment less and have a better atmosphere for the people living under it.

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