Ethnic and indo-western wear essentials- what every Indian woman should have in their wardrobe

Ethnic outfits have been around for centuries and they are here to stay. Some of the latest trends in India have been trending for a long time. It is only recently that India was introduced to western fashion styles. Currently, more people are adapting to western styles while still maintaining the ethnic component. The fusion between Indian clothes and western designs is what creates the indo-western fashion.

here are some of the trending ethnic and western outfits you should have in your closet.

Kurti is a must have


You should have at least 5 kurta styles in your wardrobe. What most people love about kurta is that they can be styled for just about any event. How do you know which styles to pick? One should be a bright and colorful to brighten your day during festivals and ceremonies. If you are planning on going to a wedding in a kurta ensemble then your colors should blend in.

A fancy hemline like a tulip kurti is trendy and can be worn bottomless to social events and casual dinners. Do not forget a block colored kurti to pair with some palazzo pants, cigarette pants or a pair of culottes for everyday work wear. You can never go wrong with a flared kurti from Stylecaret. You can wear it bottomless; with jeans or accessorize it with a belt for a boho chic street-wear look. Every female should own a dhoti-styled kurti for that elegant and sophisticated look.

A palazzo suit

A palazzo suit

A comfortable pair f palazzo pants will turn your whole look from boring to bold in just a matter of seconds. Palazzos are one of the most comfortable pair of pants when it comes to India’s fashion. Palazzo pants have been around for quite a while and it looks like they are not giving up soon. Palazzo pants can be paid with just about anything; with Indian and western tops, all kind of shoe designs and tops to achieve different looks.

The palazzo is well suited for warm seasons like the summer. You can wear it for any occasion depending on how you style it. Palazzo can fit into work wear, ethnic wear, street-wear, casual and party outings.

You should have at least two of the following palazzo designs. A straight cut palazzo is simple with a typical flare and neutral colors. This design looks good on all body types. Try wearing it with a short kurti or a regular T-Shirt for that street walk style. Extra flared palazzo pants are bold and you can wear them to casual events and dinner festivals. My favourite palazzo pants are the side slit palazzos. They have slits on both sides of the legs that run as deep as you would like. They are bold and sophisticated and you can wear them to social gatherings.

Different multi-colored dupattas

Different multi-colored dupattas

Trends have change over centuries but the dupatta remain a favourite among Indian women. Pairing a dupatta with different outfits gives them a magic touch. The dupatta is not considered a modern cloth item that can match with every style.

Make your monochromatic look fun by styling it with an embroidered or embellished dupatta. It turns one-colored outfits into complex and fun styles. A dupatta acts as an accessory. It enhances your whole look to make it noticeable and stand out.

A block colored salwar kameez will go well with a light floral dupatta. Floral and sheer dupattas are good for the summer when you want to cover up with style, without feeling the summer heat. The lehenga styled with a sheer dupatta is my favourite outfit for weddings and festivals.

Denim, college and leather jacket

leather jacket

Everybody knows that the key to a trendy outfit is a good jacket. Denim, college jackets, and leather go well with Indian outfits to create that indo-western look. Western jackets are stylish and make your outfit look chill and trendy.

Men wear any of these jackets over a kurta pajama combination to turn their looks into comfortable streetwear and casual look. Make sure your jacket fits your upper body. If a jacket is too big or too small, it will misshape your torso and the looks won’t be fashionable


Jeans are a western look but go well with several ethnic outfits to form an indo-western outfit. They are comfortable and go with almost any color and prints. There are several types of jeans you should have in your closet, that is if you can rock all the styles. The current trend in include mom jeans, skinny jeans, high waisted jeans and ragged jean.

There are many ways to style jeans. You can wear your high-waisted jeans with a choli top and a throw on like a dupatta, poncho or cape. Kurtis works well with jeans to create a casual yet stylish look. You can wear them with long or short kurti cuts. This look is good for both summer and winter. For a streetwear look, you can style mom-jeans with a block colored top and printed throw on.

Some Indian jewelry

Jewelry is a must for festivals, cultural events, and everyday wear. The right jewelry has the ability to change your look from boring to charming, stylish, sophisticated and elegant. It all depends on the type of jewelry you chose for your outfits.

Chokers go well with the street style look. They are a 90’s trends that have been re-popularised. You can wear chokers with cold and off shoulders to social gatherings with friends. Pears can give your saree or lehenga choli a sophisticated look for weddings and festivals.


Those who genuinely love fashion trends and designs know how well your shoes can complement your look. Boots are a western look but when paired with the right ethnic wear, they can form a stylish indo-western fashion trend.

Tall boots can supplement your jeans. When jeans or pants feel too heavy for your outfit, wear knee-length boots instead. They cover your exposed legs and create a good fashion statement.


Fill up your closet with these fashion trends because they are here to stay. Traditional outfits have been appreciated and worn for centuries. You can mix up your closet by adding a western look that will give your outfits a creative and trendy vibe.

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