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Facebook Admits that social media can be dangerous for you

Is social media dangerous for users? Is the user’s mental health affecting? Thousands of millions of comments on a post are being psychologically exploited by users? Being a social media user may also raise these questions in your mind. Facebook itself believes that spending more time on social media can have a negative impact on users’ mental health.

social media can be dangerous

Is the exploitation of users on social media?

In fact, in November, Facebook’s first president Shaun Parker made a tense statement about the social media. It has created a new debate over social media and society around the world. Parker clearly said that users on social media are mentally tortured. Social media is exploiting users.

Parker also expressed opinions about the effect of social media on children. He said, only the God knows what social media is doing with our children’s brains?

social media can be dangerous

The former Facebook executive said that Social Media Network is ruining the society. He said that ways of working of society are being ruined by social media. Facebook also jumped into the debate when its two-two former officials were criticizing the social media. Facebook responded to these criticisms via a blog post.

Facebook also acknowledged in the blog post that social media can affect users’ mental health. Facebook wrote the internet has ended the socialism of the people. However, Facebook said that there are several positive aspects of social media.

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