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Facebook brought snooze button, will not show the unwanted user post

Facebook user will soon get more control over its news feed. Actually, Facebook is bringing a new feature named Snooze. With this help, you can snooze the post of any user, page or group to the appointed time.

This feature will soon be visible on the user’s Facebook profile. To use it, you have to go inside the menu at the top right. This feature will replace the features like follow and unfollow. Before this, if any users, groups, and pages were unfollowed without blocking their posts so that their posts would not appear on the news feed. After this, you had to follow again to see his post on the news feed but now it will not be so.

Facebook brought snooze button

Age of snooze will be up to 30 days

According to the information, the snooze button will last for 30 days. After that the posts of that user, group and page will be shown again on the news feed, which was snoozed 30 days earlier. This option will appear in the top right corner of the menu. This feature will also be available in the app.

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