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Facebook Launched A New Facial Recognition Feature Called Photo Review

Good News for Facebook users that another Facebook update regarding privacy comes up. Facebook has taken a big decision regarding the privacy of its users. Now anywhere the world is uploading the photo of the user, it will get a notification.

For this, the company will use Artificial Intelligence-based facial recognition technology. The point here to note is that you will get a notification even if the photo you have not tagged but your photo is being uploaded.

Facebook Photo Review

Facebook has named this facial recognition feature as Photo Review, which will alert you by identifying your face. In the notification, users will be asked whether you want to upload the photo or not.

If you do not want to upload photos, then you can report, after which Facebook will remove your photo from your platform. Let us know that in June this year, Facebook released the photo guard feature in India. This feature prevents users from downloading, sharing, and taking screenshots to other users.

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