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Facebook new tool will stop unwanted friend requests and messages

Facebook has introduced a new tool to stop unwanted friend requests and messages from annoying users on social media. This new feature will also prevent a friend request coming from a fake account.

Facebook’s Global Head of Safety Antigen Davis told that if a user has blocked someone and he again tries to contact the user again by creating a new account, then this feature will recognize it and stop it.

stop unwanted friend requests

This new tool also gives users the option to ignore messenger conversations and exclude messages from the inbox without blocking the sender.

Davis said, “Now you can tap on the message to ignore conversations. This will not give you notifications and conversations will automatically move to filtered messages folder. With this new feature, users will be able to read messages without rendering. This feature is only for One on One Conversation, but it will soon be available for group messages.

stop unwanted friend requests

Facebook has expressed the hope that this new tool will be very helpful for women who are often victims of online harassment of strangers on social media. Most such harassment is done through fake accounts.

Davis said, “Fake accounts can be identified from this feature and accounts that will create will be blocked at the time of registration.” He said, “We are now using different signals like IP address so that it can be identified so that the person who has already been blocked by the user to make a fake account can be identified.

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