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Facebook Soon launch dating service within the App

Dating on Facebook will also be enjoyed. The company’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Tuesday that the world’s largest social site is taking steps to help people in a romantic relationship. Addressing software developers in the annual conference of Facebook, Zuckerberg said that the dating service will connect more and more people. He said, “At present, 20 million people have called themselves ‘single’ on Facebook, from which it seems that something should be done.

He said, “This feature will help people in looking for long-lasting relationships. Not just the way to meet only once or twice. It will be optional and it will be launched soon. “However, he did not say anything about the launch date. Zuckerberg reported that the dating service will be completely personal, it will not be able to see the friends associated with your list.

Let me tell you that Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data dispute are not present right now. Zuckerberg has offered several types of extinction in favor of himself and Facebook. In this direction, he said that Facebook is coming with the option of ‘Clear History’, with the help of which the user can remove all the Facebook history itself.

The company said in a separate blog post, “When this feature is enabled, the information will be sent to the web and app, which you have used. This will have to be deleted and the availability of the store will be off. “In this way, users will be able to delete all Facebook information and search and they will not be able to see any third party.

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