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Facebook will rank fast loading webpages in news feeds

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Facebook has made a big difference in its news feed feature. After the new update, Facebook’s news feed will now show news of the same websites that take less time to load means fast loading website.

This information was given by Facebook in its blog post on Wednesday. According to the blog post, Users complain that many websites are such that those who click on the links are not open after the Internet is fast. According to our research, 40 percent of the users did not open the link which was more than 3 seconds to open. Now in the Facebook app, those links will not be given priority in the news feed, which takes more time to open.

However, Facebook has also said in the blog that internet connectivity and signals in loading of the website is important, so connectivity will also be considered.

However, if the users have a good network connection and the site is not loading it will hardly be kept in the news. For example if your internet is slow and the video is not loading, then Facebook will show you fewer videos in the news feed, while more states will show updates and links.

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