What to do if you fall in love with a married man?

Having a married man should definitely be far away from your dating agenda. It is not only morally wrong but also a dead end. Yes, there can be the possibility that you are in love and the right and wrong directions have stopped working for you, but this is a hard decision that you will have to make. Here are a few pieces of advice for women who have fallen for married men:

Think about his family

That should be the first consideration for you. Think about how his wife would feel and how difficult will it be for her to handle the situation at home. Your guilt conscience will reach a new bar if he has children too. You are being a family-breaker and putting a lot of people in a troubled state.

He might leave you too

If he can think about other women while being in married, what makes you think he will stay loyal to you? There are chances that just like he found you exciting and new to his life, he might feel the same way for another woman later on.

Stop being selfish

Remember, by continuing this relationship, you are only looking for your own benefit. There are a lot of other lives that you are putting at stake to satisfy your own. Keep your personal satisfaction aside and think about the consequences.

If your heart is stolen by a married man, it is time to take it back and move on!

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