Fireball attack on world’s 2.5 million computers after ransomware

Written by Anuj Prajapati

More than 100 countries around the world are struggling to deal with the attack of dangerous viruses such as ransomware that another virus has been attacked. The security firm Czech Point has said that fireball virus has been attacked on 250 million computers around the world, including India.

According to Check Point, Fireball Malware is specifically designed to hack the browser. Through this virus, hackers can track web traffic, change the default search engine.

According to the report of, this fireball has been designed to hack the browser. With this help hackers keep an eye on the web traffic of affected users based in Beijing-based digital marketing firm Raftech.

Checkpoint says that with the help of this virus, any computer in the world can be run and any type of code can be inserted in the system. This virus has the ability to download dangerous files on a computer without the user’s permission.

According to the Czech Point Research, one in five computer networks worldwide is in the grip of this virus. Only 5.5 million computer users of the United States are affected by this virus, while in countries like India and Brazil 25 million computers have been victims of this fireball virus.

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