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Foxconn Stoped Interns Overtime to meet the demands of iPhone X

Now Apple’s most recently launched and most expensive iPhone X is in demand. As soon as the sale starts, the phone is getting out of stock.

Meanwhile, there was a report that said that in order to fulfill the huge demand of the iPhone X, overtime work is being done illegally by the students in Foxconn.

Let me tell you that Apple iPhone prepared by Foxconn. Right now Foxconn has said that they have stopped taking overtime from students.

Foxconn Stoped Interns Overtime

Overtime at Foxconn’s Chinese Plant 

According to the report of Financial Times, the case of overtime for students with internships was from Apple’s Chinese plant, where about 3,000 students were working 11 hours. It was said in the report that one day a student was being assembled with the camera of 1,200 iPhone.

At the same time, Apple and Foxconn have said in a statement that in the company every year lakhs of different schools and college students come for internships and work voluntarily. They are given money in return for work.

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