Funny And Interesting Views About #MyFirstJobIn4Words on Twitter

Written by Anuj Prajapati

#MyFirstJobIn4Words is Trending On Twitter. People share funny and interesting tweets about that. some tweets are really damm funny.

Here You Can See some of the reaction..

  • The Rest is history
  • I’ve never had one
  • Don’t Touch my Fries
  • I want to quit
  • Taking another mans load
  • A love hate relationship
  • Give me a break
  • Thankfully nobody sued me
  • Was an unpaid internship
  • dont have one yet
  • Long Hours Low Pay
  • Hi left hand please
  • Haven’t started work yet
  • It was never clean
  • WTF am I doing?
  • I got that fire
  • Sucked in two weeks
  • Clean that up now
  • Should have studied better
  • To go home ASAP
  • I hate my life

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