Funny as well as interesting jokes

Written by Anuj Prajapati

1) The World Health Organization has just announced its new slogan –

“WHO cares”

2) People of India have watched Chak De! India much more than a Hockey match..

3) 2005:
Earthquake Comes- Runs Out Of The
House And On The Streets.

Earthquake Comes- Let Me Post About It On Facebook

4) ‘What’s your name?’
‘Let me touch you to confirm’

5) -Hello, is this the police?
-2 girls are fighting for me!
-So what is the problem?
-The ugly one is winning

6) HR: Where would you like to see urself after 5yr?

Me: Aaj Tiffin me kya ayega ?

HR: How would I know!

Me: Exactly


7) Girl : Let’s go for movie .
Boy: Shit, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment today.
Girl: Just cancel it, Tell him you’re sick

8) My Respect for Salman Khan has increased drastically.

For 13 years he took blame for the Hit & Run & homicide, just to protect his Driver

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