Gains that Last Beyond Your Anavar Cycle

When there is talk of steroids and gender equality, it might well be a talk about Anavar. Anavar has made the use of steroids largely amenable for women. Aside this, a woman using steroids risks manly appearance even to the extent of possessing a deep male voice. For women bodybuilders and fitness models, as can be seen here, Anavar has come to become their genuine option.

Before Anavar became an option in the use of anabolic steroids, women who sought the use of steroids for gains like strength or vascularity that usually comes with the burning of fat were exposed to the risk of irreversible male characteristics. So, the use of steroids could leave a woman permanently speaking with a deep voice or leave her with beards. For many females, this was an unfair choice between either using steroids and becoming a ‘man’ or staying away completely from steroids. It was an inequitable situation with regards to men and women.

When Anavar was introduced into the consumer market, women weightlifters, bodybuilders and fitness models, like their male counterparts could now take advantage of the full benefits of anabolic steroids without worrying about masculinization. Like their male counterparts, they could enjoy the thrills of increased strength and body mass while retaining their femininity.

Immediate Impact During and After a Cycle

One of the first things a woman notices on beginning the use of Anavar is strength gain. Weightlifters find their weights getting lighter and this is one reason why a lot of professional bodybuilders use it. Unlike other compounds portending to do same, it has the advantage of keeping the strength gained during a cycle for months beyond the cycle. So, weightlifters do not need to fear that their ability to lift 250 Ibs. will suddenly drop to 120 Ibs. when they are not in a cycle. They will find out that months after coming out of a cycle, they will still be able to lift what they were lifting while in the cycle.

A steroid like Anavar, that keeps your gains months long after a cycle, decreases your need to always be on your anabolic steroids. The implication of this long lasting impact is that your exposure to the risks of using anabolic substances are greatly reduced. Furthermore, it gives the body time to recover from the use of these substances. So Anavar shows another reason, apart from lowered androgenous properties, why it should be the preferred steroid for use. On Anavar’s ability to cut cycles, read more here:

A Cycle Explained

A steroid cycle is the period where a user is on the drug after which follows a rest period during which the use of the drum will be put on hold. In some cases, this period of rest might last for just a few days. For a steroid with a half-life of just 24 hours, the user might have a rest period of 48 hours. In this case, the user would take the steroid every 72 hours. We can then say that the user is observing a 3 days cycle.

For another steroid that may have a longer half-life of maybe 14 days, the user may take a rest period of 7 days. The implication is that this user will be taking the drug every 21 days. 21 days therefore becomes the cycle of usage of the drug by this particular person. A number of steroids have esters attached to them. The purpose of this is to increase the half-life of the drug, and thereby increasing the cycle length of the user.

Gains that Last Beyond Your Anavar Cycle

Not Just a Body Enhancement Drug

As has been earlier mentioned, if a woman desires to reshape her body with reduced risks of manly appearance, then Anavar is the best bet. At week four of use, you will already be seeing the difference in your look. With Anvar, before use and after use, you retain your female appearance however with the vascularity in place of the former bloated look. A tightening waistline, fat disappearance from biceps, thighs and the back are some of the results you will have.

Beyond body grooming, Anavar, which is also known as Oxandrolone, has also been used in treating severe burns as well as Osteoporosis pains. It has equally been used for girls having Turner Syndrome. So, apart from its use for bodybuilders or fitness models, it has use in other applications. The advantage medical scientists see in it stems from its reduced masculinization; the situation of being beneficial therapeutically and yet not leaving irreversible and undesirable side effects of masculinity.

Factoring In Side Effects

Like every other anabolic substance in use, Anavar is not without side effects. It can leave its user feeling robotic, a term often referred to as “Varbot”. This is because it makes them less emotional, making them appear to lose interest in issues around them. It has been noted to be the cause of greater aggression and agitation in some people.

It can also cause a change in the menstrual cycle. This could be a delay or the occasional absence of the flow. Where the period shows up, a shorter duration and thick flows may be experienced. All of these are apart from the other side effects that may arise from the misuse of anabolic steroids are known for which include liver disease.

With this knowledge of the side effects of using Anavar, drawing up a cycle that factors this in would be of benefit to any user. This would help the user enjoy most of the benefits that come with using Anavar within a safety net which is what a reasonable cycle will offer.

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