God gives life for 100 years, but death comes quickly due to this 6 reasons

In the Mahabharata, every man’s life has been told for 100 years, but people die at an early age. Mahatma Vidur has explained Dhritarashtra to its cause.

Too Much Proud

Those who praise most of themselves and the most intelligent people are proud of themselves. The pride of others who understand themselves as little, their age diminishes.

To speak a lot

Highly and non-speaking people often say that they have to suffer negative consequences. His bad habit affects his life.


An Angry man is considered an enemy. Anger is often managed to do such a thing that this work can cause harm and misery to it. Their habit also reduces their age.

There is no sense of sacrifice

To maintain peace and happiness in society, there is a sense of sacrifice and dedication in humans. Sacrifice and lack of humanity reduce human age.

Cheating a friend

It is a big mistake to cheat friends mentioned in scriptures. The person’s life expectancy decreases.


Greed is considered to be an enemy of man. Due to greed, humans can not control their emotions and can also sin. Because of this, their age may also decrease.

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