Google removed 600 apps from the Play Store

Google Play Store has removed about 600 Android apps for showing “harmful” ads. The company has given this information through a blog post on Thursday. Along with the announcement to remove the apps, the search engine giant has also reported that it has also banned these apps on its ad monetization platforms Google AdMob and Google Ad Manager. This has been done by these apps violating Google’s advertising policies and rejecting interstate policies. Mobile advertising related fraud has increased a lot in recent times due to the increase in smartphone adoption.

According to Google, harmful advertisements are shown to users in an unexpected way, which includes impairing or interfering with the usability of the device. Explaining this in clear terms, Google has said that these ads pop up in a special way, due to which they are clicked inadvertently and not even given a clear means to dismiss these ads.

Google says that this is a wrong maneuver, which causes the smartphone experience of users to deteriorate. Google claims that the company has a specialized machine learning method to check apps that display such incorrect ads. Further, the company has also stated that the company is planning to introduce new technologies to detect and prevent the dangers from false advertisements from illegal traffic generating apps.

Bjorke has told BuzzFeed News that the apps removed from the Google Play Store were built primarily by developers based in China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore. However, the names of these applications and developers have not been disclosed.

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