Google has Removed Seven Lakhs apps from the play store last year

In the last year 2017, Google has removed seven million apps from its Play Store. It has been announced on behalf of Google itself. All deleted apps were intended to harm Google Play Store policies.

It was a fake variety of apps created by a third party, which could spoil the image of the Play Store. But, the special thing is that 99 percent of these apps have been removed before any users download it.

In comparison to the year 2016, Google has removed 70 percent more such apps, which were dangerous for its policies. By removing the app, Google has given the message to developers of such apps that Google always wants to secure the app installs for users. Along with this, there is also confidence among users.

Google has also shared through a blog post that our policies, detection techniques, and security terms are continuously working better to combat all Shady App developers working to degrade the app store with crores of Android users.

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