Google removes more than 3 million fake business accounts

Google removed more than 3 million fake business accounts from its map service (Google Maps) last year. The company said that these fake accounts caused customers to be cheated. Google offers a range of services, including providing contact formulas for people to join the business. But many times businessmen try to make profit by fraud.

Product Manager of Google Maps, Ethan Russell recently said in a blog that they also take money from the fraudulent traders for services that are available for free. They call themselves fraudsters by calling them real businessmen.

Russell said, “Last year we removed more than three million fake business accounts. These accounted for more than 90 percent of the business accounts which no customer could open. In this entire process, nearly 85 percent of fake accounts were removed by our internal system. Customers complained more than 2.5 million fake accounts. The company removed more than 1.5 million fake accounts which were 50 percent higher than the 2017.

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