Government in Talk with 300 companies to invest in India, get 17 lakh jobs

Written by Anuj Prajapati

In order to increase industrial infrastructure and create employment in the country, Indian Government and its promotion agency are talking to many large multinational companies in the country and abroad.

According to a news of the Times of India, India is talking to nearly 300 well-known companies to invest in the country. These companies can invest more than Rs 4 lakh crore in India.


Of these three hundred companies, India and foreign companies are involved. It is expected that around 17 lakh new jobs will be created to invest these companies in India, which will help in reducing unemployment in the country.

According to sources, some Chinese companies have proposed to invest around $ 32 billion. Talking about the major companies in the list, Sanyas can invest about $ 10 billion in wind power.

There also talked about the takeover of SAIC’s Halol Plant, Lifan Motors and Fosun Pharma. It will be taken over soon. There are about 70 such projects in India that are operating in middle-class companies. About 3 billion dollars is invested, it is expected that around 3 lakh jobs are expected to be created.

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