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Hidden tricks of the iPhone

Written by Anuj Prajapati

The iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the world due to its huge range of features and Apple’s brand value. However, most users are unaware of its hidden talents and hacks that can make your technology life a lot easier. Have a look:

Siri is your best friend if you are an iPhone user. Just say the words “planes overhead” and she will bring you a list of all the flights that are flying above you. While this may not be the most useful feature, this is surely a feat in merging your GPS location and matching the flight coordinates of the planes flying above you.

A very useful feature that the iPhone has is ‘fine scrubbing’. When you are viewing a video or listening to an audio clip, you may need to scroll to a particular part. This may be a tad difficult as you can find it hard to stop at the exact point. Hold down the play head and slide your finger straight down. Now you can scroll through the clip at the half, one-fourth or one-eighth the speed. Just remember not to lift your finger up when you are scrolling.

If you need to hang a picture or check if a surface is straight, your iPhone can help you. The Compass app uses the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer to do this function.

Texting enthusiasts will love this! To start a new sentence, all you need to do is tap the spacebar twice. This will add a period and start a new sentence.

Now try out these useful tips to use your iPhone with maximum efficiency.

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