High Court forbids entry of Nityanand in Madurai Math

It is a shameful situation for any so-called saint, that the Madras High Court banned the entry of Nityananda in Madurai Subram Mutt on Wednesday. Explain that Nityanand had filed a petition in the High Court seeking police protection to enter the monastery. Madras High Court has directed Nityanand and his followers not to interfere in the monastery’s administration.

Let me tell you that Madras High Court Justice R Mahadevan issued the notice to Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary, Hindu Religious Prize Fund Commissioner and District Magistrate of Madurai and forwarded the matter further for four weeks. Nityanand has been shocked by this court’s decision.

Significantly, Nityanand was caught in a Scandal in 2010. The case of rape is going on. In the last month, Nityananda gave the order to the monastery To perform daily religious and spiritual activities, police took shelter in the High Court for seeking protection. But he was disappointed.

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