How to Increase your twitter followers

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Social media become a nice concept to share your ideas,feeling and views.
Twitter become a most popular for sharing your views But question is “how to Get more twitter followers?”
If you have good number of followers then you have a nice audience to see your views thet’s why people wants more followers.
Celebrity and some famous brand have nice followers because people aware of them and they and known personality but what about some unknown personality and unknown brand?
Everyone wants their brand and personality on social media and that time the below steps will be helps you.



Step 1: Put Some Attractive Post so people attract to retweet that post:
For Example: Upload some Good Images of Wildlife, Nature,Festivals ,etc..

Step 2: Follow Back Active users:
You have to follow back some active user of twitter because now a days in twitter so many tools are available to know how many people are not follow back to you. so people easily unfollow them.

Step 3: Use Trending HashTag:
Use Some trending hashtag so through that hashtag you can get more audiance to show your post.

Step 4: Tag Active Users:
Tag some good and active people whom you have connection or you willing to make a connection.

Step 5: Unfollow :
At the end unfollow those who are not following back to you unless they are some type of celebrity or some Brand..

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