How to stop auto download in whatsapp?

Written by Anuj Prajapati

We people use WhatsApp for sending a message, audio, video and also now we can able to send voice calling.

In WhatsApp, we all know that some image and video automatically downloaded and also it use internet space. if you want to stop then you have to read this article.

When we create Whatsapp account at that time auto download feature is there by default due to that feature we are facing some trouble, you can turn off that feature and download the particular images and videos.


How to auto download feature enable and disable?

Step 1: Start the Whatsapp

Step 2: Go to the menu button and click on the setting option.

Step 3: At setting option click on the chat setting and select the media auto-download option.

Step 4: You have two option:

1) When using mobile data- you are using the mobile internet then you have to select which things you wants to download. you can find the option no media, all media. if you select no media then if your mobile internet turns on at that time without your permission image and video can not be downloaded.

2) The Second Option When Connected on wi-fi- When you select all media then all your photos and video are going download automatically, you can also select no media option over here.

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