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Huawei Nova 5i can be equipped with 6 GB RAM

The Huawei Nova 5i smartphone was listed on Geekbench a few days ago, as well as Huawei Nova 5i got regulatory certification in two countries. Recently, the new 6 GB RAM variant of the Huawei Nova 5i smartphone has been listed on Geekbench. A few days ago, its 4 GB RAM variant was listed. Huawei Nova 5i can be equipped with Android 9 Pie and Octa-Core Snapdragon 710 processors.

The model number of Huawei Nova 5i Smartphone 6 GB RAM variant is ‘HUAWEI GLK-LX2’ and it is listed on Geekbench. But two different listings have come up. In both listings, if talk about the first single-core test, the phone has scored 1516 and 1530 respectively. Now the thing is multi-core test, the smartphone has scored 5193 and 5233 respectively. According to the Geekbench database, the phone has 6 GB RAM with 1.71 GHz octa-core processor.

Some days ago Huawei Nova 5i smartphone 4 GB RAM variant whose model number ‘HUAWEI GLK-LX3’ was listed. The new Geekbench listing of the phone indicates that the model number GLK-LX2 can be of 6 GB RAM of Huawei Nova 5i. Huawei Nova 5i can have a quad-rear camera and a 5.84-inch full-HD + hole-punch display.

According to the NCC database, 128 GB storage variants of Huawei Nova 5i can be brought, it is also possible to extend the storage to 512 GB with the help of MicroSD. The phone will replace the USB Type-C port for charging and file transfer. At present, there is no information about when the launch of Nova 5i will be launched.

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