IBM removes 1 lakh employees from job, matter reached court

IBM, the world’s leading IT company, has shown a way out of one lakh employees to create a team of young employees. It has been claimed by a former IBM salesman. IBM’s former salesman Jonathan Langley has also complained about the retrenchment against IBM. Even the matter has reached the court. Jonathan claims that IBM has removed one lakh elderly employees working in the company for many years to create a young team. Jonathan is currently 61 years old.

In one of his statements, the hearing in the court said that IBM’s former salesman Jonathan Langley has filed a case against the company, in which the youth team has asked to remove one lakh people from their jobs. At the same time, another employee, Alan Wilde, testified that in the last five years, the company has fired 50,000 to one lakh people and all these people are aged.

The company has denied such allegations and said that employees are not discriminated against age at IBM. The company is 108 years old and every year 50 thousand people join it. At the same time, the company also claimed that about $ 500 million is spent on training new employees. This is not the first time that a big company has been accused of retrenchment of elderly employees to form a young team. Earlier, such allegations have also been made on companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

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