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India is the top consumer of online video content

The number of people using smartphones in India is increasing and since the arrival of the huge network like Reliance Jio, the common people are also using mobile data too.

In the Asia Pacific region (APAC), most OTT (over-the-top) video content is consumed in India, followed by Thailand and Philippines. Content delivery network service provider Akamai Technologies said this.

In the survey conducted by Akamai Technologies Research firm Cadence International, it has been stated that “In India, viewers watch 12.3 hours video content a week, while the lowest 6.2 hours video content in Japan is watched online every week.”

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In India (44{1154825eec990eb24260305d599f09fa1fc6d7547b9fd2b531810dc21d47c956}) and Thai (45{1154825eec990eb24260305d599f09fa1fc6d7547b9fd2b531810dc21d47c956}) saw a similar trend in online video viewing on a smartphone, while Japanese people watched 50{1154825eec990eb24260305d599f09fa1fc6d7547b9fd2b531810dc21d47c956} of video content through non-mobile devices through OTT services.

This survey underscored the importance of high-quality video. 70 percent Indians say that the quality of video and audio is the most important to them, after which 56 percent of the people said that it is important for them to start fast.

It has also been found in the study that demand for local OTT companies has increased, including Hotstar in India, Hook in Indonesia and Nikoniko and others in Japan.

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