Indian Government Ban Crash Guards On Cars And SUV

The Union Ministry of Road and Transportation has issued instructions to the Transport Commissioner of all the states to write a letter in the cars and SUVs to make a Crash guard. Crash guards are commonly known as bull guards. While releasing the warning, the minister said that if the vehicle was found illegally in the crash guard, strict action would be taken under section 54 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Apart from this, fines will also be imposed.

Most car drivers put a crash guard in their vehicle thinking that there will be less damage in the vehicle at the time of the accident. It is directly connected to the vehicle’s frame, so even if the accident occurs, the car also has a great deal of loss. Apart from this, people in the vehicle also get more injury.

Ban Crash Guards

Crash Guard Create more damage

  • It prevents airbags from opening when collision.
  • The cars which are being made nowadays are made by keeping the passengers’ safety in mind. If there is a collision, the front faces less injury. Even if a bull guard, the front person can die.
  • Bull guards are made of steel, so it also increases the weight of the vehicle. This makes the difference in performance of the car and mileage is also reduced.

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