Instagram Story will be longer than 24 hours

Facebook’s photo-sharing app Instagram has made some changes to the story sharing feature. So far, the story of Instagram and Facebook post was automatically removed after 24 hours. But now after the latest update of Instagram, all the posting stories will be saved separately in a private space.

This update will be given for both Android and iOS

Instagram Story

Instagram Story will be Auto Save

All stories of the Instagram saved like an archive will always be saved in a private space of the account. Which will later be used again as Highlight.

Instagram is a social space where users share personal life with their stories in the form of some unique moments, but due to the 24-hour limit, the story will be deleted for some time afterward, to solve this problem. Instagram has brought this new feature.

Instagram Story

InstaStory to save in the cloud

With this new feature, users will not have to store their favorite stories in the phone memory. Through the automatic save story feature, the Instagram will save all the shared stories in the cloud space. Where users will see them in private and share them later.

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