Interesting Confusions

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Sometimes People ask some silly and intelligent questions that would be difficult to answer. Some nonsense question makes you laugh as well as Confuse.

When we child we always ask silly question to our elders. In Our daily life we can face so many interesting and Funny Question that’s not easy to answer and we simply consider that questions as a jokes.


Here you can see some Interesting and confusing questions..

1. Which twin is smarter?
2. Can u cry under water?
3. Who is the most popular person you have met?
4. Do fish ever get thirsty?
5.Why doesn’t glue, stick to its bottle.!!
6. If money doesn’t grow on trees then why banks have branches?
7. What is your worst weakness?
8. What do u call a male lady bird?
9. Why does a round pizza come in sqaure box?
10. Why don’t birds fall out of trees when they sleep?
11. When they say dog food is new & improved in taste, who tastes it?
12. Why is it called building when it’s already built?

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