Internet users to reach 90 crore by 2023: Report

Technology company Cisco said on Tuesday that by 2023 the number of people using the Internet (Internet users in India) will increase to 907 million. In the year 2018, 39.8 crore people were using internet. A Cisco report says that by 2023, Internet-connected devices in the country will reach 2.1 billion. A quarter of this will be devices with machine-to-machine (M2M) modules.

According to the report, by that time the number of mobile users in the country will be 96.6 crore, which is 68 percent of the total population. For information, let us know that in 2018 this number was 76.3 crore (56 percent). It was further explained that by that time one out of every 20 connections will be 5G.

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