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When iPhone Battery Explodes In Man’s Mouth

In China, the battery of an old iPhone was blasted when a man was pressing it with a tooth to check whether it was genuine or not. As soon as the user pulled out the phone, it exploded.

This incident is one of China’s second-hand electronic market where the iPhone battery was transformed into flames.

Actually, the user can not remove the lithium battery installed in the iPhone itself, in this case, Only a technique can carefully remove it.

iPhone Battery Explodes

A video of this whole incident has surfaced in which this person is seen with his wife or girlfriend. It bursts as soon as he presses it with his teeth in his mouth to check the battery.

There is no injury to anyone in this entire incident, yet it is not clear what is the real reason behind the explosion in the battery. Reports say the battery was too old, but it did not know whether it was fake or real.

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