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Jio Phone 2 vs Nokia 8110 4G: Check Price and Specifications

Reliance Industries launches Jio Phone 2 in its 41st Annual General Meeting. Jio Phone 2 is the upgraded variant of the Jio feature phone that came last year. These include QWERTY keypad, dual SIM, and design. The phone has been introduced in aggressive prices in the country and its sale will begin on August 15. Speaking of the feature phone market, HMD Global is still increasing its stake, and in this episode, the company launches the Nokia 8110 4G (Banana Phone) in MWC 2018. Today we will compare both the feature phones. Jio Phone 2 and Nokia 8110 4G and will know who is better for the price and features.

Jio Phone 2 vs Nokia 8110 4G Specifications

Jio Phone 2

Jio Phone 2 runs on Kaios, while HMD Global’s Smart Feature OS is also based on Kaios. Two Nano SIM slots have been provided in Jio Phone 2, while Nokia’s phones have a micro and a Nano SIM slot. Both phones have a 2.4-inch display, which is 240×320 pixels. Jio Phone 2 can also be used in horizontal view while the vertical display is available in Nokia 8110 4G.

Both phones have 4 GB inbuilt storage, which have the option to increase through MicroSD card. RAM is 512 MB. Nokia’s Snapdragon 205 processor is in the phone but the information about the processor of Jio Phone 2 is not yet known. Recall that last year’s Jio phone had a spreadsheet processor and this can be the same processor in Jio Phone 2. Both phones have a 2 megapixel rear camera but the Nokia 8110 4G does not have any front camera. The VGA front camera is provided in the Jio Phone 2. A little 2000 MAH battery has been given in Jio Phone 2, while the Nokia 8110 4G G has a battery of 1500 mAh. Both of the connectivity features are the same but the Geo Phone does 2 NFCs.

Price of Jio Phone 2 vs Nokia 8110 4G

Nokia 8110 4G

The price of Jio Phone 2 is Rs 2,999 in India and this handset will start in the country from August 15. The phone is launched in Black Color variant.

Speaking of Nokia 8110 4G, it was launched at a price of 79 euros (about Rs 6,300). In Singapore, this phone is being sold at 98 Singapore Dollars (about Rs 4,900). The phone is available for purchase in Traditional Black and Yellow Color. In America, Nokia’s phone on Amazon has been listed in 78.56 Great Britain Pound (around 7,040 rupees). It is worth noting that Nokia 8110 4G has not yet received any information about availability and price in India.

Jio Phone 2 vs Nokia 8110 4G Look

Jio Phone 2

Talking about the design, there is no big difference between these two feature phones. Jio Phone 2 has been introduced with a design like Blackberry i.e. QWERTY keypad, 2.4-inch horizontal display, and 4-way navigation button. In addition to this, there will also be a separate button for voice command. At the same time, the Nokia 8110 4G comes with a built-in shaped design that comes with a sliding cover through which the keypad with T9 predictive text input can be hidden.


Jio Or Nokia?

Both phones have the same operating system. The display size, RAM, storage capacity is also one and both phones come with dual sim slots. However, there are two additional advantages in the Jioo Phone 2 – front camera (VGA quality) and it is available in India. HMD Global announced in MWC 2018 that Nokia 8110 4G will be launched in India in the third quarter of 2018 i.e., before October the phone can come to India. Reliance Jio phone 2 will start selling on August 15.

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