A journey through the Thar Desert

One of the revered geographical marvels of India, Thar Desert lies in vast emptiness and regal opulence. Contrary to popular belief,  it is not just a couple of looming sand dunes. Amidst the golden sandstone, the region is filled with bright fabrics and traditional jewelry worn by local women and sallow white attire with stark red and orange turbans by men.

A striking feature of the place is the unique native fauna that lives here. The common bird here is the Isabelline Wheatear, a bird slightly larger than the sparrow that thrives in solitary numbers.

Thar Desert

An exotic rodent found here is the Indian Desert Jird, a tiny mammal that resembles a mix of a squirrel and a rat. Among the mirages created by the desert, you can spot chinkaras elegantly roaming the lands.

At Khaba Fort, you can view breathtaking panoramas of the villages settled here. Some of the settlements are now abandoned for centuries and only a few ruins remain.

These ruins were once inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins who moved from Pali in central Rajasthan and made Jaisalmer their home. Today, you can only find the remnants left behind, even the withering cenotaphs were pillaged by prowlers.

Jaisalmer’s golden fort is a highlight when visiting the Thar region due to its grandeur and history. Moreover, you can enjoy an evening here by listening to some local Manganiyar folk singers wailing about their long lost love.

How to visit

Jaisalmer is well-connected via rail and road to major cities of the country.

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