Keep in mind these things in monsoon, no sickness will touch your children

The cold winds are knocking the arrival of monsoon with water showers. So everyone wants to enjoy this mausoleum. Especially young children are the sickest in this season. In this way, you tell you some special things that will not affect your children in the changing weather.

Keep the house clean

Keep your home and its surroundings clean. Do not deposit the waste and water near the house. Put the soil there to stop the water from accumulating. By doing this, you will be able to keep your home away from many diseases spreading rats, mosquitoes, and flies.

Rain protection

To protect children from rain, you can use umbrellas with a rain court and a boot. Boot shoes worn in the rain prevents warm interfering with many diseases caused by water to many diseases. Try that whenever the children wear shoes in the rain, they are always made of good quality rubber.

Protection from mosquitoes

To avoid mosquitoes in the rain, use such mosquito repellants, which contain elements such as Citronella. Many mosquito repellants found in the market are harmful to children’s skin. In the rainy season, try always to sleep in the mosquito nets.

Wash hands periodically

Wash hands regularly from time to time to avoid air-borne illnesses. Any major member of the household should be treated immediately if there is any infection. Cover your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing.

Medical remedy

In the rainy season, children are often surrounded by fever and colds. Keep this medicine kit in your possession as per the doctor’s advice to avoid sudden fever and colds in this season.

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