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Lenovo Z2 Plus All set to launch

Written by Anuj Prajapati

The Z2 Plus from Lenovo comes well-equipped with attractive features to deliver you a great user experience.

Z2 Plus meets the needs of consumers by providing them a device with a unique interface and exterior build with value for money and simple yet premiere looking design for trendsetters.


Fast Processor – Snapdragon 820 + RAM

Z2 Plus makes full use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820’s potential. The sensor processing unit (SPU) along with the CPU & GPU give a true flagship experience on Z2 Plus.


The U-Health App keeps track of your steps, calorie and distance 24X7. It is smart enough to distinguish between a run and a walk. All your data is stored securely on your phone and you can monitor your progress continually.


Pro-fitness sensors
The Ant+ sensors in Z2 Plus is compatible with all pro grade fitness trackers like heart rate monitors, Cadence sensors, power meters, etc. Z2 Plus supports Glonass & Galileo for accurate outdoor GPS, essential for pinpoint accuracy in distance tracking.

6 built-in professional sensors
Z2 Plus is armored with six professional mobile sensors, that along with the Sensor Processing Unit (SPU) of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 track real-time data for health and other applications.

Re-designed for India
Google Now is the default launcher in Z2 Plus. It is also equipped with an on-screen keyboard for easy navigation. VoLTE works out of the box & Carrier aggregation is supported enabling speed up to 600 Mbps.

U-Touch 2.0
Z2 Plus comes with the innovative U-Touch Button for the true one hand experience.Besides being a fingerprint sensor, U-Touch can perform 7 different tasks. And can be customized to launch your favorite apps.

True One Hand Design
Z2 Plus has been designed keeping in mind the Anthropometric estimates of Asia-Pacific users. The dimensions have been crafted taking into account the hand size, palm radius, and thumb length, for easy daily use. You can use Z2 comfortably with one hand.

Self-Learning Fast Finger Print Sensor
Z2 Plus comes with a fast fingerprint sensor paired with a self-learning algorithm. It detects irregularities (skin peel, wound, dry skin, etc.) and adjusts accordingly. The Fingerprint module uses advanced CAC algorithm to unlock wet & oily fingers.

Large Battery
Z2 Plus is powered by a 3500mAh high-density lithium polymer battery. It’s made of high-density graphite material; which bears witness to the genius of Z2 plus for being able to hold a small battery in a big body.

Excellent Low Light Camera
Z2 Plus comes with customized 13MP ISOCELL Sensor with wide f/2.2 aperture. The front and ear sensors collect more light and render the best image even in low light conditions. With a hybrid focus (PDAF+CAF), there’s barely a shutter lag (0.1sec). With EIS and auxiliary sensor image stabilization, you don’t have to worry about camera jerks.

Z2 Plus comes with 8MP camera with large 1.4um pixels. You can take amazing wide angle selfies with the front camera.

Source: Lenovo

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