Less than 50 Percent of Indian women are happy with their current life: study

The meaning of happiness can be different for everyone, but when it comes to the real happiness of a mother, it becomes a very complicated question and is connected and dependent on many things. For this, it is very important to understand what is the true happiness of a mother.

The first and main reason is that what does the child think about himself. What kind of mother am I? This question keeps most women in awe. Most of the world’s women underestimate themselves in the matter of raising children. Even her husband and her children have better opinions about their (mother) upbringing.

The happiness scales of women also depend on how much support they get from husband and mother-in-law. The relationship that matters to them in their life, how much they care for them and the support they give is very important for them. Also, how much his partner supports him in any decision in the family and what role he plays in raising a child can also be a very important reason for happiness.

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