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The List Of Best countries to stay

Recently, the United Nations released the lists the countries which are most suitable for people to live. Here people can get a better lifestyle and healthy life, say this straight, this is the best place to live. In its report, the United Nations said that the world is becoming a better place to live. Although 800 million people sleep hungry every day in the world, in the last 25 years more than 1 billion people have been above the poverty line.

Hong Kong

This Chinese area has been given the place at the top. At the same time, the high average living standard and average life are 84 years.

Best countries to stay

The United States of America

Americans are in high positions in financial wealth. Americans earn $ 53,245 a year on average.


People of this country can expect to live a long life. The average life expectancy in Singapore is more than 83 years.


Canada is at the top in terms of education. More than half of the people are college graduates.

Best countries to stay


The living rate here is the highest. Average life is 82.7 years.


Crime is the lowest here. There is a 1.1 percent crime rate on 100,000 people.


This country is one of the lowest rates of income inequality (12.4 percent) in the world, and it is continuously decreasing from the mid-1990s.


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