Mahindra KUV-100 gone viral before Launch

Written by Anuj Prajapati

There is a strange competition in car manufacturer companies, every company is launching its new car for opposing each other. In this way, a new car has also been seen in Mahindra. This Facelift Avatar of Mahindra KUV-100 has been seen during testing on the Mumbai-Pune Highway. It is being told about this car that the updated Mahindra KUV-100 can be launched in the Indian market during the Auto Expo -2018.

Mahindra KUV-100

According to a website, changes in the past bumpers of Facelift KUV-100. There is a possibility that there may be changes in the next bumper. Facelift KUV-100 has seen during testing some time ago, during that time it was seen in the dulele-barrel headlamps. It is likely that Mahindra could give headlamps inspired by sunglasses.

Mahindra’s car is quite spectacular in appearance, in which the Alloy Wheel is covered with a cover. Not only this, the design of this car meets the 15-inch wheel in the KUV-100 dual-tone theme version. It is also being told that in this, all the Blake Cabin will come in the way of the existing model.

The Touchscreen Information System can also be provided in the Facelift version. This car will be landed in two variants. The option of automated manual transmission in KUV-100 Facelift.


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