How to Make CBD Vape Cartridges Last Longer

Vaping is an effective and easy way to get a daily dose of cannabidiol. Besides, the devices used for this method are very discreet and easy to use. These are vape pens, shaped like electronic cigarettes. Cartridges containing CBD filling are inserted into them.

Inhale and exhale CBD vapor as described below:

Cartridges contain enough e-juice, say, for a month. How fast you consume CBD vaping oil depends on the concentration of vaping oil and how many puffs you take per day. In specific conditions, just a few puffs a day are enough.

Check Temperature Settings

In one vape pen, you can use several different pods. The cartridge and the device must be from the same manufacturer. One of the reasons to use matching CBD vaping equipment is the vape pen wattage. Different cartridges evaporate at different temperatures.

All CBD pods look more or less the same. You will notice that some cartridges also fit into vaping gadgets from other manufacturers. That might work, but precisely because of the mentioned temperature settings, the cartridge oil may be burnt or not heated enough. Then you will not experience all the benefits of cannabidiol vaping.

Know the Dosage

CBD Vape

The dose of cannabidiol is determined based on your health and tolerance. You can use this substance whenever you need relaxation or instant calming, but you still need to know what daily dose hit you best.

If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, or do not know how to cope with stress, smaller amounts of CBD are recommended. You probably won’t need more than five puffs a day and only in situations when you feel anxious.

The effect of one vapor usually lasts for several hours. It is unnecessary to inhale a new puff if you still feel the effects of the previous one. If you wait for cannabidiol action to loosen, you will use the CBD pod longer. You don’t have to refill or buy a new one until you waste the one you have.

Do not Refill Disposable Pods

Refillable cartridges are a budget-friendly option for those who vape CBD daily. It is undoubtedly cheaper to refill a single pod several times than to get new cartridges every time. Also, buying a bigger bottle of favorite CBD oil pays off more.

There is not too much difference in the design of refillable and disposable pods. What differs is the ability to extract the mouthpiece in refillable pods. You do this when you run out of vaping oil and need to pour more. Use a dropper to avoid spilling. Never overfill the container so that the contents do not spill into the vape pen.

Disposable pods are intended for single use. Don’t refill or change the oil in these cartridges. There are special seals on them that keep the freshness of the liquid content. If you break or loosen them, the pod becomes unusable. Only add vaping oil to cartridges that the manufacturer has marked as refillable.

Proper Storage Matters

A new pre-filled vape pod should only be purchased when the old one is running out. As for the refillable cartridges, you can fill them with the vaping oil 5 or 6 times, after which they need to be replaced. It doesn’t have to be the same oil every time. Browse here if you want to change the flavor you use.

CBD oil, whether in a bottle or a vape pen cartridge, should be stored in a specific way. Cannabidiol is particularly sensitive to heating. Then, the molecules of this compound decompose. The oil got a bitter taste and became unusable.

The rule of thumb is not to expose vape cartridges to direct heat sources. Dry, cold, and dark places are the right choice for disposing of vape pods. Get one of those cooling cases to store vaping equipment. If you don’t have this case, remove the cartridge from the vape pen if you are not using it.

Feel free to use a vape pen before a performance, exam, or job interview. CBD has been shown to help with the current onset of anxiety behavior. Also, cannabidiol vapor soothes the pain. It is advisable to always have a vape pen with the appropriate CBD oil in it. And do not worry about the smell – it’s gone.


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