Maruti Suzuki has stopped production of diesel Celerio

Maruti Suzuki Celerio hears the murmurs of diesel is closed. According to dealers, Celerio Maruti has stopped production of diesel. Even if the company did not issue until now no explanation but in January 2017, according to information received from sources close to the dealers Celerio diesel stock has come off. Due to the low demand of diesel Celerio company decided it.


Celerio market is very much in demand for petrol variants, variants Khaskrke AMT. Celerio due to lower demand for diesel was a 2-cylinder diesel engine, which can be considered developed Inhaus Maruti. It is not as refined as other cars of this segment are an engine. The impact on performance is also evident.

Another reason for the low demand is the highest price. Showroom Price in Delhi is Rs 5 lakh 43 thousand rupees. Tata Tiago its plethora of features and good engine Celerio customers have in their favor in the market due to which there was demand.

When it comes to the performance of its 793 cc turbocharged diesel engine 2 Slider power of 47.5 PS at 3500 rpm and torque of 125 Nm at 2000 rpm produces. This is an excellent mileage car, This is also confirmed by the fact that Maruti has dropped its price from its website.

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