Microsoft removed Google Chrome app from its store

After confirming that Microsoft will come to Apple iTunes in its store in 2018, Google has brought its Chrome browser app window to the store. The most surprising thing was that the Chrome App page was opened in the app that Google created for Windows 10. This means when the user of Windows 10 downloads the Chrome app to their device, then the link to download the Chrome app will open.

After being told about this by The Verge website, Microsoft has removed the Chrome app from its window store. Microsoft has said that it violates their policies.

Microsoft removed Google Chrome

A company spokesman told The Verge, “We have removed the Google Chrome Installer app from Microsoft Store because it was not following Microsoft Store’s policies. We want Google to create a browser app according to the Microsoft Store policies. ‘

It has been said that Google can bring a new app for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store because the Store app uses the HTML and JavaScript engine provided by Microsoft, while Google uses its Blink search engine in its Chrome.

A few days ago, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 users would have to wait for Apple iTunes sometime. An Apple spokesman told a website via email, “We are working with Microsoft on iTunes for our customers and users will have to wait a bit more for this.” Although both Microsoft and Apple have not said how long iTunes will be available in the Microsoft Store.

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