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Written by Anuj Prajapati

Announced during the end of 2014, Moov Now has delivered exactly what its tagline stated-Does what the apple and the fit bit cannot. Even though it looks pretty much like a watch with no display, it makes up for the lack of a screen with its performance and features. The design of the wrist band isn’t all that bad either.

It is available in a handful colors and it looks futuristic and cool. Being made of rubber it is tough and can definitely withstand a few hard drops (intentional dropping not recommended) While the fit bit and the apple watch merely track your everyday movements, the Moov band analyses and gives suggestions for better performance. With a battery life of 6 months the Moov tracker stomps on the fit bit and apple watch.

The Moov tracker measures every motion in 3D space with accuracy and in real time which makes it a must for every health freak. Along with motion tracking it also provides voice support and keeps tracks of your activities even when you are away from your phone.


After measuring every movement it will analyze it and give you vocal tips to make your exercise safer and better. After regularly updating all of your work out history the band shall hint you to push harder and will keep a track of your milestones which you can share with your friends. The band supports a ton of activities like running, cycling, boxing etc and also swimming; yes it’s waterproof too.

It measures every stroke, every lap and every change in motion both on land and in water and updates your workout history seamlessly. Along with all this the band also motives your to perform better. The band also tracks your sleeping patterns making the band your very own fitness coach.

Considering the fact that it is overloaded with features you might think that it shall also have an overloaded price but it does not. It’s available at Amazon at a price of just 5999 INR which gives you another reason to buy the Moov band instead of the other fitness bands

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