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Motorola One Power Smartphone Image Leaked

It has been reported that Motorola is working on an Android One device. It will be known as One Power. A few days ago smartphone render (graphics made) was leaked. Now a picture of this smartphone has surfaced in which the phone appears to be working. This picture has confirmed that this Android One smartphone will come with a display notch and a thin border in the lower part.

The leaked photo has been shared on SlashLeak. The front panel of Motorola One Power looks like this. The smartphone features an iPhone X-like display and a thin chin on the bottom. In addition, the words “Motorola Confidential Property. Not For Sale” have been printed on the device. The display is on and the photo of the logo of Lenovo and Motorola is visible only on it. Because this smartphone is part of the Android One program, the phone will get regular updates from Google.

The leak does not seem to be the back part of Motorola One Power. But the old report revealed the concept of vertical dual rear camera setup. Apart from this, there is a square ring on the previous part, in which is the moto logo. Probably this will also work with fingerprint sensor. Motorola is written below the display on the front panel. At the same time, the branding of Android One is on the back part. It is worth noting that the full name of Motorola has been used in this smartphone, while the company’s recent phones come with the “Moto” brand. Apart from this, Speaker Grill and USB Type-C port are visible at the bottom of the smartphone.

At the moment, there is no information about the price and availability of Motorola One Power, or other specification. We can expect more information soon.

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