Mukesh Ambani has introduced a new Reliance Jio benefit offers

Once again Mukesh Ambani announcement an exciting offer to cross Rs 10 crore customers. The company will live towards Prime Membership Plan, which is presented under 303 Rs per month unlimited calling and unlimited data.

The current membership of 10 million, 99 Rs per year and the customer will be able to take on the new customer to join with Jio until 31 March 2017.


Seven New Reliance Jio Announcement

  1. Again voice calling over the network and do not seem to roaming charges.
  2. Happy New Year to 31 March 2017, is under the Lower Data unlimited. But Customs Tariff Plan will be offered from April 1
  3. Other networks Reliance Jio tariff plan will be cheaper and better plan.
  4. Connecting new users who may take the client Jio Membership only Rs 99 to engage with the first from 31 March 2017
  5. Reliance Jio Happy New Yeunlimitededa Prime members will receive a Benefits Plan until March 31, 2018. Unlimited data (1GB high speed, the remaining 128 kbps). For this, he will have to pay Rs 303 per month.
  6. My Jio App is to be taken by the membership application, website or store again
  7. Prime Reliance Jio members will receive new offers at the moment. The Offers will live by My Jio App.

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