Netflix disappointed Indian users

In India this year, Netflix was seen testing two low-cost plans, a monthly plan and a weekly (Weekly) plan. For many days, it was a matter of discussion that Netflix is ​​preparing to launch cheap plans for Indian users. The monthly plan that Netflix was testing for was priced at Rs 250 and the weekly plan was being tested, its cost was 65 rupees. The main reason for testing these cheap plans was the challenge of getting Netflix from Amazon Prime, Hotstar and other online video streaming services in India. Netflix wanted to increase its user base and increase in India.

This week Netflix has launched its cheap monthly plan of Rs 199. This plan was kept for a long time in the pipeline. Netflix surprised everyone at the launch of this plan because Netflix was testing the plan for Rs 250 and launched this monthly plan officially. At the launch of this plan, Netflix did not talk about its weekly plan. According to media reports, Netflix is ​​not launching any such weekly plan in India.

Let’s talk about Netflix’s current plan, mobile users are being offered a monthly plan of Rs 199. Apart from this, the basic plan of Rs 499 per month is offering a standard plan of Rs 649 per month and a premium of Rs 799 per month. The monthly plan of Rs 199, which was launched last week, has been specially designed according to the Indian market. Through this plan, users will be able to stream videos only through the Netflix app on mobile and tabs. Netflix has named this plan as Made For India Plan. Netflix can also do similar plans for other countries. However, no official statement has been issued from the company.

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