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Netflix is bringing cheap plans in India

Video streaming platform Netflix is ​​set to deliver good news to Indian users. The company is going to bring a new mobile subscription plan of Rs 349 for customers, which is currently under testing. The new plan will be known as Mobile Plus plan. This will be a monthly plan of Rs 349, which will support HD streaming. Along with HD streaming, users will be able to watch movies and web series on mobile as well as tablets and computers.

Netflix’s new Mobile + plan includes high-definition (HD) video and computer access — including PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks. Netflix started a monthly subscription plan of Rs 199 a year ago. In such a situation, the company is once again going to present a new monthly mobile plan of Rs 349. This will be a plan between Rs 199 and basic plan of Rs 499, which will be launched in India by Netflix soon. At present, the Rs 199 monthly plan in India is quite popular.

Netflix’s new Rs 349 plan will support HD streaming in laptops, tablets, Macs and Chromebooks. However, this plan will not be for smart TV. This will be the company’s second mobile plan in India, which was introduced last year. Currently, the 199 rupee plan of Netflix only supports Super Definition (SD). In such a situation, the plan will be very useful for those users, who could not buy the web plan due to the cost of the plan, and due to this, they could not enjoy HD quality either.

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