All New Dell EMC PowerStore – A revolutionary storage solution for the data era

We are in an era where data-driven intelligence is enabling businesses to evolve as per the ever-changing market demands. Even so, storing and managing the staggering number of workloads have become one of the top priorities for businesses today. And the disparity between the increasing number of workloads and limitations of the existing IT infrastructure stands as one of the major roadblocks that businesses experience while meeting their digital transformation goals.

Dell Technologies reiterates the power of storage

Being a leader in the Enterprise Storage Systems- External OEM Category in India*, Dell Technologies has always been developing products that could empower organizations to meet the demands of the increasing workloads, while bringing in greater value, flexibility, and scalability. And exemplifying it once again is the newly launched Dell EMC PowerStore.

Dell EMC PowerStore has been introduced for the data era to support physical, virtual, and containerized workloads. It is the next-generation midrange data storage solution targeted at customers who are looking for value, flexibility, and simplicity, and is positioned between PowerMax for high-end storage and PowerVault for entry-level storage. It is also the first product built from the ground up as a combined company with EMC, VMware, and other portfolio technologies.

PowerStore is highly distinguished from competitive solutions, eliminating the typical trade-offs in performance and storage efficiency.

  • With its six-nines (99.9999%) availability, organizations can optimize decision making, data access, and application performance
  • The solution is designed to be 7X times faster and 3X times more responsive than previous Dell EMC midrange storage arrays
  • Customers can save on IT budget and capacity with always-on deduplication, compression and a guaranteed 4:1 data reduction
  • Machine learning and intelligent automation allows for faster delivery of applications and services with up to 99 percent less staff time to balance volumes

The future of storage and a class apart

PowerStore will provide customers with data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that supports both traditional and modern workloads. These will be accomplished through:

  • Data-centric design that optimizes system performance, scalability, and storage efficiency to support any workload without compromise
  • Intelligent automation through programmable infrastructure will simplify management and optimize system resources, while enabling proactive health analytics to easily monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot the environment
  • Adaptable architecture that will enable speed and application mobility, offering flexible deployment models, and will provide choice, predictability, and investment protection through flexible payment solutions and data-in-place upgrades
  • Infrastructure Insights: Dell EMC CloudIQ storage monitoring and analytics software combine machine learning and human intelligence for real-time performance and capacity analysis and historical tracking for a single view of Dell EMC infrastructure. Dell Technologies will integrate CloudIQ across the full Dell Technologies infrastructure portfolio for even greater insights

Creating the next wave of transformation

By creating Dell EMC PowerStore through an infrastructure-centric lens, Dell Technologies has established a platform that can help organizations face the looming IT challenges of today, head-on, while bringing in scalability and flexibility to meet the evolving IT needs.

Dell EMC PowerStore is poised to be the gamechanger for external and midrange storage architectures with a massive opportunity for organizations. To know more about the product:

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See the virtual hands-on lab here 

Dell EMC PowerStore


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