After This new offer, Buying Renault kwid even easier

Written by Anuj Prajapati

At this time in India no car is selling the highest then Renault kwid. Yes, this car has achieved this position by breaking many sales records that it has now become India’s most favorite car. But there is another good news for those who buy Renault Kwid. According to reports, it has become easier to buy Renault Kwid.

In fact, the company has worked down the hatchback down payment further. While Flame EMI offers are just as good as before. It is being said that Reno India has entered into a contract with Mahindra Finance and Axis Bank, due to which Renault kwid can also take you home at work-down payment.

Under this offer, you can buy the base variants of Kwid in the down payment of Rs. 12999. You can get the remaining amount in easy installments of 84 months. These offers are very beneficial for the job-making people, they do not have to pay a large amount together as a down payment.

Apart from this, the monthly budget will not be affected by paying the installments every month. The advantage of this offer can be taken through Axis Bank. It is valid only till July 14, 2017. It has been charged at 8.90 per cent.

On the other hand, if you talk about EMI, then under this offer, you can buy Kwid in the initial EMI of Rs 2,999. If you also want to renounce this great car of Reno, then get ready soon is for a limited time.


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